What We Believe

The Best Sex is Within Marriage

This is rooted in our Christian beliefs as well as backed up by many scientific studies: people who enjoy the best sex on the planet are monogamous in long-term committed relationships!

Intimacy is More Than Just Sex

Truly being known and knowing your spouse at the deepest level is at the heart of intimacy. Although sex plays a big role in the intimate relationship, there’s physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions to intimacy too!

Sex also is a symbol of being one with your spouse, in every sense of the word.

Sex Should Be Creative and Fun!

It’s your passion playground, so let your creative & erotic self free and laugh & have fun in your own quirky way.

Sex Can Be Very Bonding & Unifying

Sex can bring a couple closer together than few other things in life. Deep intimacy gives couples strength to deal with the ups and downs of life and leads individuals to be honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and to do good.

Variety Adds Vitality

If you want your marriage to last over the long haul, you need to add in healthy doses of novelty and freshness to the bedroom.

This app is your guide to adding variety and fun!

Intimately Us

The fun and sexy app for your marriage.

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