Intimately Us on To Love Honor & Vacuum

The Intimately Us app was featured today on Sheila Wray Gregoire's awesome website, To Love Honor & Vacuum! If you're not familiar with Sheila, she's an author, blogger, and podcaster that speaks often about how to strengthen marriages and be a good parent. She's...

Video: Spice It Up Without The Yuck!

In this 35 minute presentation, learn why focusing on deeper intimacy always leads to long-term sexual fulfillment in marriage. Dan also shares three practical suggestions on how to keep the sexual relationship vital over the long haul. The main message of the...

Make A Sexy Bucket List

One of the goals of Intimately Us is to help you spice things up in the bedroom! As life gets busy and hectic, and marriage takes on some normalcy and routine, it’s easy for sex to also get routine or low on the priority list. For too many couples, sex may start...

Intimately Us

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