Taking a Sex-First Approach to Strengthening Your Marriage

Monica was about to have her third baby and was meeting with the doctor about treating her anticipated postpartum depression that afflicted her past two childbirths. She really wanted to nurse this baby, and asked the doctor if there was anything else she could do to...

Developing Deeper Intimacy for Better Sex, with Rhonda Farr

In this episode of the Sexpert Interview Series, I interview Rhonda Farr, a certified intimacy coach. Rhonda shares her experience coaching many men and women on how to develop deeper intimacy in their marriage for better sex & a happier relationship. We discuss...

Variety Adds Vitality (Sexpert Interview)

Do you plan on staying married for the long haul while enjoying a passionate love life? Do you wonder if things get a bit repetitive or boring in the bedroom sometimes? Are you looking for healthy ways to come up with new things? Or are you concerned about...

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